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Standard User Floob
(learned) Sun 13-Mar-11 17:20:24
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Router of choice? Dual Band / Gigabit / All in One

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I'm thinking of upgrading my Netgear DG834N(v1), partly to get Gigabit Lan and a more reliable uPnP service.

I'm thinking this is the router of choice when its released?

Does anyone have a good experience with Belkin or Linksys equivalent?

(Unregistered)Sun 13-Mar-11 17:40:11
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Re: Router of choice? Dual Band / Gigabit / All in One

[re: Floob] [link to this post]
Hi - I have the WNDR3700 which the same less the modem part - works fine never have to reboot it which is a 1st after a long list of [censored] Linksys rubbish.. Also I have 3x 2TB USB disks shared as NAS over my LAN and that works a treat!. Would say that the 5G band is a bit low powered/has reduced range over the 2.4G band, but works for me supporting my XBOX and a few PCs on 2.4G and my home PC with all my media over 5G separated out as it make movie streaming a lot smoother using media center connect on the XBOX.

Go for it you won't regret it smile

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