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Standard User sheepless
(newbie) Mon 02-May-11 23:04:08
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Billion 7800N IPv6 prefix lengths

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Is anyone else here using the 7800N (with IPv6 firmware) on a subnetted network?

I have a /48, which at present I subnet into two /64s, with the routing between the two being done by a dual-homed Linux box. The 7800N sits on one of these two subnets. It insists on assigning a /48 global address to the LAN interface. If I enter the correct global /64 (with prefix length) on the 'IPv6 autoconfig' page, I end up with two global addresses on the LAN side: the correct /64, and a /48 on subnet zero. Fortunately, if I create a static route to the other subnet, all seems to work, but it looks wrong to me.

To see the addresses, telnet or ssh to the router and do 'ifconfig br0'. Look for the inet6 lines with global scope. It's normal for an IPv6 interface to have multiple addresses, but I don't think THIS case is correct.
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