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Standard User aldredd
(newbie) Fri 13-May-11 20:24:30
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Remote desktop connection on LAN

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Hello, hope this isn't too simple a question for you guys!

Using my previous router - Belkin N1 vision, I would regularly connect to my server via remote desktop connection.
However, since changing router, this just doesn't seem to work.
I'm now using a Linksys E4200 - though have also tried with the standard SKY router which also doesn't work.

The PC appears on my network, and can access the file, just can't remote connect to it, which is a pain as I have no monitor / keyboard etc anymore to connect to it -argh.
I just get an error saying 'This computer can't connect to the remote computer'

If I select '<browse>', and select the WORKGROUP, I get a message saying domain.workgroup does not contain any terminal servers

Is there a port I need to open or something?

Thanks for your help!
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