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Standard User VWGolfman
(knowledge is power) Sat 28-May-11 16:24:19
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New router has caused profile to drop?

[link to this post]
I've just purchased a Billion 87800N for its superior wireless coverage.
I am pleased to report that it does indeed outperform my previous router and covers the parts of the house most needed.

However, my internet speed has dropped slightly and was wondering if it will come back up without intervention by me.
Will the BRAS profile (is that the correct terminology?) increase on its own accord?
Although I am on a long line I have never experienced disconnects or inconsistencies.
My previous sync was about 3500kbps rate was 3Mb (360KB/s).

Here are my stats
Upstream 832
Downstream 2848
SNR Margin(Upstream) 8.0
SNR Margin(Downstream) 9.5
Line Attenuation(Upstream) 31.0
Line Attenuation(Downstream) 61.0

That Downstream margin appears to be rather high.
Standard User baby_frogmella
(committed) Sat 28-May-11 17:09:50
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Re: New router has caused profile to drop?

[re: VWGolfman] [link to this post]
Just lower the downstream SNR by 3-4db and you should sync close to your previous speed.

TalkTalk Plus LLU ADSL2+ connected @ 17612/1019 kbps
Attenuation 27db down / 9db up
Noise Margin 3.3 db down / 12db up
Powered by Billion BiPAC 7800N
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