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Standard User tmonkey
(learned) Tue 14-Jun-11 19:19:40
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Billion 7800n - How to set up Quality of Service?

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Recently purchased a Billion 7800n for o2/Be network, primarily for the QoS function as I am limited to a 4mb connection on ADSL2+. My issue is that I have 1 person using an ethernet PC and hogging bandwidth via web uploads/p2p/HD streams, and another using a wireless laptop to do similar things. My aim is to restrict their bandwidth without affecting my own (after all I pay for the internet!!), which I use for mainly gaming and occassional p2p use.

I am not sure on how I am supposed to go about setting this up as I am a newbie to this stuff. The manual is not clear at all, as the examples it provides uses ports to limit connections, but doesn't say how to limit an actual PC/device itself. So far I have done the following:

1) Set both the computers that I want to limit to a fixed host IP ( - 201) in the DHCP section.

2) In QoS I have put those IP's in the "internal IP" section, and limited them to 30% for both WAN to LAN and LAN to WAN.

Could anyone confirm if this is the correct way to set this up? And would this limit the remainder of my bandwidth, because it says:

"Non-Assigned Bandwidth Ratio => Upstream (LAN to WAN) : 60% Downstream (WAN to LAN) : 60%"

Does this mean that the rest of the computers only have access to 60% of the bandwidth? Or is it just a "useless" piece of info telling me how much I've not assigned?

Also, how do you prioritise gaming pings/packets above everything else on all connections/PC's?

Really would appreciate any help on this.
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