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Standard User Basenji
(fountain of knowledge) Thu 14-Jul-11 18:08:19
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Getting a WNR3500L - Which OS firmware should I use?

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Hi all,

I'm about to purchase a WNR3500L to replace the HH2 that I'm using on my Infinity connection.

Now, I've been reading that the WNR3500L supports open source firmware and I have been looking at DD-WRT and Tomato in particular, but can't decide which would best suit my needs - Here's where you come in! wink laugh

Okay, my needs are fairly simple - I don't use WLAN if I can help it, so that's why I chose the 3500L over the WNDR3700 before anyone asks. wink
Also, I need a good, reliable media server - I have a 1TB USB hard drive with ripped DVDs and music on it and would love to have these streamed directly to the PS3 over my LAN, as opposed to via USB, which is what I do at present.
Other desirables for the wish list is a decent QOS, usage/throughput graphs and of course, a well-featured firewall. smile

So, to recap, what do you suggest - Tomato or DD-WRT?

Thanks in advance. laugh

**Edited out typo**

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