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Standard User Dunkwho
(newbie) Tue 06-Sep-11 07:23:46
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Quality ADSL router with print server suggestions

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I know ... ANOTHER "which router" post, sorry!
My Netgear DG834G has developed a problem where it drops out after 30mins to 3-4 hours and needs a power cycle, no problems on the talktalk line and my old Dlink 604+ router is running just fine ... so time to replace the netgear.
My setup at the moment has a Buffalo Linkstation as NAS and print server which works OK. The print server isn't great from our Windows laptops - you can't really manipulate the queue (can't delete anything), and you can't run the ink check wizard to see how the inks are going. I'm on the point of ordering a Billion 7700N or even a 7800N for the future proof IPv6 and the gigabit LAN ports ... but if I can find something else with a quality, tweakable ADSL modem (to pull & stick the SNR down and try for better speed) with a print server built in that works well (see above!) then I'd be a fool to not consider it.

Grateful for any advice ... worst case I'll stick with my current plans smile

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