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Standard User BREWERDAVE
(regular) Wed 07-Sep-11 15:02:24
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HUAWEI HG520b - Talktalk router

[link to this post]
I've been given a new boxed router as above but it appears to be locked to Talktalk. Can't overwrite user name/password etc
Anyone know where I can get a firmware flash to unlock it to use for my own ISP?
(Unregistered)Wed 07-Sep-11 16:17:15
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Re: HUAWEI HG520b - Talktalk router

[re: BREWERDAVE] [link to this post]
Don't take this the wrong way but Why do you want to use that sad excuse for a router,? does being given it for free not give you a clue that it is gonna be a waste of time perusing & do yourself a big favor throw it in the bin


I have no idea if this is the correct firmware for that router, use at your own risk, but you can get them all day long on ebay for 0.99p
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