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Standard User towdgeezer
(newbie) Wed 28-Sep-11 14:24:07
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Belkin F5D8636uk4A ADSL Router

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I'm with Plusnet on their value package and generally very happy with them.
I had the usual problems with the supplied Thomson 585v8 dropping the wireless upload speed to 80 or so kb/sec. They sent me a new V7 to try but I wasn't very happy with that either, if I wanted an electric heater I would have bought one made by Dimplex not Thomson !
I've tried Netgear in the past and not been impressed 'so ignoring all I've heard about Belkin and bargepoles I've bought myself a Belkin F5D8636uk4A.
So far I'm impressed, the wireless signal is very strong and I can connect to my netbook using full n with no drops.
The set-up was easy but the router stats are very basic, no information on errors or connection up-time. I contacted the on-line helpline to ask if the wireless transmission went off when the wireless connected netbook was switched off and was told it did but inSSider says it remains on.
What I really want to know is what is the function of the blue button on the top between the aerials, the one with a spanner symbol on it ? The instructions don't mention it at all.
When I pressed it it the only change seemed to be that the wireless changed to 20/40 Mhz operation from 20Mhz.
Does anyone have experience of this particular router ?
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