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Standard User findarouter
(newbie) Fri 21-Oct-11 17:53:48
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A spec. for a secure router?

[link to this post]
I'd be grateful for any comments on my search for a secure router for home use.

I read the post about the perfect spec for a router:

This included the comment that: "the firmware should enable you to over-ride anything the DSLAM tries to do, like resetting the IP profile/bRAS or the SNR target, but give you the flexibility to change these things at will".

Please can anyone tell me:
a) How important is this feature, and does it have a generic name (so that I can look for it in the various router specs)? If not, which routers can do this?

b) Which (cheapish) routers can do this as well as having the other good security features?

How secure are mid-range routers, e.g., Billion 7700n, 5200, 7800n, or Draytek 2710n et al?
Or anything with the all-important Broadcomm chipset, which apparently narrows my choice down to Billion 7700n or 7800n, or one of the Speedtouch models?.
Or are they all secure if they're configured properly?

(My ISP is BT and line quality is average after two line repairs in as many years)

Many thanks in advance for any comments.
Standard User GunJack
(newbie) Tue 25-Oct-11 07:42:51
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Re: A spec. for a secure router?

[re: findarouter] [link to this post]
Broadcom chipsets that are tweakable are 6348 and 6358. There may be others, but these are the main two that are used.

Routers that use 6348 are netgear DG834GT and one or two of the 834G versions, my favorite D-Link 2640B, and some speedtouches.

6358 are in D-Link 2740B and some others.

2640B, 834GT are readily available on ebay (refurb 2640B with 3-month warranty for £20 inc p&p)

Just remember that finding a router that suits your line conditions can be trial and error, and you may end up trying several before finding the best match smile
(Unregistered)Tue 25-Oct-11 22:43:18
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Re: A spec. for a secure router?

[re: GunJack] [link to this post]
Thanks very much for your comments.

Does the D-Link 2640B have as many security features as the latest D-Links, or as many as any other new (home use) router?


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