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Standard User clueless2
(learned) Wed 26-Oct-11 11:46:59
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Failover setup

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Sorry not sure where best to post this so will try hereÖ

I currently connect to the Internet using a bonded ADSL connection. Am using the bonding primarily because the connection is vital to me and my business and I need as much reliability as possible without resorting to a leased line which would be unaffordable. The ADSL bonding we have with Sharedband is generally good and they have been very helpful but it means there is another potential area for problems and stuff to go wrong. ISP Zen or Sharedband.
SoÖ I am thinking about getting a Vigor 3900, which offers failover between different WAN connections, and changing my internet connection so that I donít use bonding at all. The new config will have:

A primary connection using BT Fibre,
Possibly a 2nd ADSL connection with LLU O2,
3rd a 3G USB dongle just in case the copper thieves take our lines! It happened before and it took a week to lay a new cable.

I think all of this will work out cheaper than what I am currently paying. More reliable? And faster.

Does anyone have any experience with this kind of failover set up in general or more specifically with the Vigor?

I host my own email and web servers so could have potential problems with IPís and DNS. Is it possible to set up a secondary mx record with 2nd IP address for failover?

It may be worth having theses services hosted externally if the new internet setup gives me the reliability I need.
Any thoughts please?
Standard User MHC
(legend) Wed 26-Oct-11 12:07:27
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Re: Failover setup

[re: clueless2] [link to this post]
No experience of the hardware but if connectivity is essential then you must go for diverse connections (as far as possible) rather than bonding where you will have too many points of failure - there will still be some in the failover solution but a lot less and they will also be the more resilient.



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Standard User RobertoS
(sensei) Wed 26-Oct-11 23:53:52
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Re: Failover setup

[re: clueless2] [link to this post]
In addition to what MHC says, I would have thought a commercial hosting package for your website and email would make a lot of sense. As a businessman, do you need the hassle and worry of providing adequate resilience for those services being hosted inhouse?

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