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Standard User tetnes23
(learned) Fri 28-Oct-11 16:35:32
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urgently need new router

[link to this post]

Been looking at this is it any good I noticed it does not support IPv6 how important is this (don't want have to get new router for few years.

I refuse to buy from ebay due to scammers. £60 is my budget.

Main use heavy torrents, gaming live footy streaming. Due to being a gamer all connections connected via cables. Only use wireless for my lappy in another room for general browsing.

Currently on an 8mb adsl connection waiting for idiots at bt to upgrade exchange to ADSL2+. Stability for gaming and low latancy main priority as I tend to torrent overnight when in bed.

Sadly half the routers PC world have don't have in stock at local store and due to needing this asap dont want to order online and wait longer.

Please feel free to recommend other routers they have on list I shall check if in stock or not.
Standard User b4dger
(knowledge is power) Sat 29-Oct-11 09:30:47
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Re: urgently need new router

[re: tetnes23] [link to this post]
FWIW Reading the OP's posts in the TBB Enta forum he has now sourced a router...

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