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Standard User TrishaH
(regular) Wed 14-Dec-11 00:57:29
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Re: Need a new router

[re: TrishaH] [link to this post]
The Billion 7800n got set up late this afternoon and worked perfectly first time - ISP kindly talked me through it as I've only used the DG834G before.
It synced at a slightly higher speed than I've had before: 5632/448, and for the 7 hours it's been connected, has been perfectly steady.
Time will tell if it'll stay that way's hoping!
They said I could upgrade to CN21 if I want to, so I'll see how it goes as it is first.
I've also placed an order for the old master socket to be moved and replaced with NTE5.

Still getting to know this new router (it's at least 2x the size of the 834g) and although I use mine wired, the wireless is enabled and I see the wireless green light blinking 4 short times at regular intervals.
I also see the adsl green light blink once or twice very briefly now and then too, as does the Ethernet port light - is this 'green blinking' OK ?
I can't see anything mentioned in the start guide for this type of blink.
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