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Standard User wurlyone
(newbie) Sun 11-Dec-11 21:00:02
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Zoom X6 powering off

[link to this post]
I have recently been getting several disconnections at various times of the day. When it occurs i am usually trying to view a youtube clip. It will be ok for between 5-20 secs, hang and then power off completely. It will automatically restart and sort itself out. When i retry the same video clip(or others) it does the same again.
I was thinking it was my ISP but i'm now thinking it's the modem. Is their anything i can check or adjust. I'm thinking lowering MTU (not that i know exactly what it does) this was something i was told could be the problem.
Thanks in advance

some stats for you

downstream 3264Kbps
upstream 448Kbps
transmit power 12.1 db
snr margin 15.0 db downstream 24.0db upstream
line attenuation 38.5db downstream 22.5db upstream

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Standard User Apprentice
(knowledge is power) Sun 11-Dec-11 22:32:05
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Re: Zoom X6 powering off

[re: wurlyone] [link to this post]
Try getting the line stats with the router connected to the TEST socket within the master socket as the downstream noise margin has been set high by the exchange equipment to try a stabilise the connection. It would also be good to have the PC/laptop wired to the router to avoid, if any, wireless connection issues.
The stats suggest (ADSL2PlusAuto) the connection is ADSL2+ in which case the sync rate should be around 13Meg on a line with no faults with similar ds attenuation.

Is the router OK it's not too hot to touch is it?

Have a read here for more info and things to try, you can also remove the ring wire / bell wire to see if it helps.

As a matter of interest which ISP are you with?


Standard User wurlyone
(newbie) Mon 12-Dec-11 21:21:55
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Re: Zoom X6 powering off

[re: Apprentice] [link to this post]
I tried what you suggested and it improves my downsteam speed, not by much but an improvement nonetheless.
What is hasn't done is cure the problem of youtube clips dropping my connection and shutting off my modem. I tried several times earlier tonight and before you can say 'traffic shaping software' it craps out.
I have just cheered myself up by watching 'how the west went bust' with Robert Peston on Iplayer and it played without a hitch for 1hour.......i just don't understand why i cannot watch anything on youtube for more than 20secs!!
The modem isn't getting hot and i've swapped all cables and plugged directly into the NTE5 master socket (at least it stopped people calling me).
I'm with Entanet and upto now i've not had a problem. In fact i've no complaints at all considering the other [censored] ISP's i've been with in the past.
These are tonights stats with the PC connected as it was last night

downsteam 3488
upstram 448
transmit power 12.3db

snr 14db down 25db up
line attn 39db down 22.5 up

And plugged directly to the NTE5a

downsteam 4960
upstram 448
transmit power 12.3db

snr 13.5db down 25db up
line attn 38.5down 22.5 up

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