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Standard User Hellish
(regular) Sun 18-Dec-11 02:50:24
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Asus NT-R16, lacks grunt for fast VPN connection?

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Hi, I installed shibbys build of tomato of my Asus NT-R16. I have enabled OpenVPN. I can connect however I am only getting 580 KB/s. I am hosting this VPN on a BT infinity connection which has 10mbp/s upload.

When I set up a VPN connection on one of the windows 7 pcs, I achieve download speeds of 1.05 MB/s. This is great, however I can not connect with others PCs in the network. Where as with tomato openvpn, because its on the router itself I can see the entire network.

Would the reason I am getting such slow speeds with openVPN be that the processor on the Asus router isnt powerful enough?

Would a Synology DS712+ be powerful enough for VPN?
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