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(Unregistered)Mon 19-Dec-11 14:57:58
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Home Hub 2 internal ping problems

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I have just recently installed a new HH3 for my BT Broadband line, replacing an old working HH1.
The Device List does not fully reflect the connected hardware (both wired and wireless devices are missing).
I can't ping specific internal devices and it seems to be mainly devices connected without having the ability to connect to my "HOME" network but only connects through IP/submask only.

Biggest problem is my iPad as I'm using an APP capable of transferring files between PC and iPad.

Even items shown in the Device List can't be pinged (iPad etc)

HH3 reboot resolves the issue for a few hours and the emerges.

Can anyone help me with both device list and ping problems?

Thx in adv / Plohse
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