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Standard User Billward
(newbie) Tue 28-Feb-12 23:12:31
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Problem losing internet connection but not broadband connect

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The setup is:
Voyager 210 connected to BT faceplate at the master socket.
Dlink DIR-615 router connected to the 210 via ethernet cable.
2 computers (running XP) in separate rooms that connect wirelessly to the Dlink DIR-615.

Most of the time the network works fine with both computers able to access the internet and each other. However from time to time the network’s ISP connection is lost. I notice this roughly once a day but it doesn’t happen every day and may happen more than once.

To clarify - the broadband connection is not dropped, only, it seems, access to the internet.

Both computers are running routerstats lite – no break in broadband connection is shown.
Accessing the 210 shows that I still have a broadband connection and that it has been retained for 2, 3 days or whatever and certainly through the loss of internet access.
I can still access the 210 through the dlink connection.

Re-establishing an internet connection is straightforward. I disconnect the 210 from the dlink and instead connect the 210 directly to the nearby computer. Wait a minute or so and my internet connection is back. Plug the 210 back into the dlink and I again have wireless network access to the internet. No settings are changed.

The problem started soon after the dlink was brought into the setup – prior to that the network connections were made via ethernet cable.

I don’t have ready access to alternative equipment to try swapping hardware around and don’t particularly want to buy new hardware until I know what it is that’s wrong.

Can anyone suggest a logical diagnostic path to identifying exactly what is happening, please?
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