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Standard User wingzero1
(newbie) Mon 05-Mar-12 00:24:00
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Hello im currently connected to bt's fttc 40/10 through a reseller. Im at a new property and very close to my cabinet its like 150m walking distance. Im using my own router which is the linksys e2000 which is PPPOE. At first the internet was fine i was synching at the max 38717mbps down and 10mbps up, but over the months of getting disconnected from the internet at random times, my synch now is 31000mbps when my predicted speed before the 28th/29th of jan bt line checker upgrade was 35mbps now the line checker says 40mbps. Is it possible that all my problems are because BT fttc uses PPPOA and im using a router thats PPPOE?

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Standard User RobertoS
(sensei) Mon 05-Mar-12 01:12:16
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Just off to bed and too tired to think, but Openreach FTTC, which is what you mean, is PPPoE. So that isn't the problem.

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