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Standard User leezer3
(newbie) Tue 06-Mar-12 19:29:04
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Draytek 2710n- Add more QOS classes?

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I've just acquired a Draytek 2710n router, and I'm trying to setup QOS. I'm coming from a Tomato based WTR54GS, which lets me add custom classes and port ranges to QOS, but all the Draytek appears to have is 4 basic categories (VOIP, IM, Streaming & P2P).

These will do, but in an ideal world I'd like to be prioritising BF2 and WOW traffic (Mine and the housemates!), and dumping http traffic over 1mb or so into the lowest band. Not sure if the streaming class will do this for me, but is there any way to add more classes/ protocols?
Telnet is fine if required.

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