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Standard User yellowshark454
(newbie) Fri 06-Apr-12 18:41:38
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Want to add HomeHub 3 as access point to Linksys router

[link to this post]
Hi guys, there was a similar thread to this last autumn entitled " HomeHub 2 with HomeHub 3 as access Point via Cat5 to HomHub2". It looked easy but I am struggling with taking a similar approach with my E4200 as the primary router. Hoping you can help.

What am I trying to achieve.
I have a fully functioning home network which is working great but the wireless range does not extend to the room above my garage, some distance away from the main house. I currently service it with an Ethernet link from the E4200 router, via the mains wiring, to link to a PS3 there. But I want to have wireless in that room so as I have a HH3 too I thought I would try to utilise that.

What have I got.
I have a Linksys E4200 router attached to my ADSL line via a Belkin N1 wireless modem-router set to “modem only” mode. (I id originally have a DSL modem but that broke)
All of my gear in the house is attached wirelessly to the E4200 which is delivering circa 11.5mbps from a maximum of 12.5mbps for the line measured by BT onsite. So all i fine there

What have I done so far
1.Linked an Ethernet cable between one of the Ethernet ports on the E4200 to a mains plug.
2.Linked an Ethernet cable from a mains plug to one of the Ethernet ports on the HH3 router.
3.Switched on the HH3 router: the power light is solid blue, the wireless light is solid blue, the broadband light is off
4.Connected my laptop to the HH3 network and on loading up a web page on IE9 it displayed a web page from bthomehub.home/etc etc with title BT Home Hub and a message “Can’t connect to Broadband”. It is the start of a self- diagnostic routine. Answering all the questions I eventually get a Home Hub Administrative Home Page displayed.

(Is there a quicker way of getting to this admin page??)

5. I switched off DHCP
I changed the IP address from to as this seems to be what the other threads on this subject did.
When I went to apply the address change a message came up telling me that I might not be able to access the HH3. I ploughed on disregarding this and needless to say I could not then access the HH3 via the web interface and trying to access a web site nothing happened.

6.I did a hardware reset on the HH3

7.Going through the motions again, when I got to the admin pages again, I switched off DHCP and this time left the IP address alone, ie
When I went to apply this I got a different message
“After changing these settings you will need to renew the IP address of all devices connecting to your BT Home Hub. Please follow the instructions provided with your devices.”

I applied the change – but have not yet done any fooling around with IP addresses on my laptop as I thought the whole idea was that with DHCP turned off on the HH3 my E4200 router would maintain the IP adresses for units attached to the HH3??!??

I then tried to access a website, and failed, but on this occasion rather than nothing happening, the Home Hub website came up again displaying the error message page.

And that is where I stand. All looks so easy when reading other threads but it is not working for me.
Any help greatly appreciated.

The IP settings on the E4200 are
Range to

Also connection type on the E4200 is POE not POA – as far as a recall that is what it needed to be to connect to the modem and work.
Standard User MHC
(legend) Sat 07-Apr-12 09:59:22
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Re: Want to add HomeHub 3 as access point to Linksys router

[re: yellowshark454] [link to this post]
No expereince of HHs but do this all the time on BT business hubs.

I am surprised you could not access the HH after changing IP address though. Try it again (leaving DHCP on), then DISABLE the Ethernet port on the PC wait a few seconds and re-enable - should do a full IPCONFIG reset. Use the new IP address and see what happens. Then if you can access the HH disable DHCP and connect it to the other router using an Ethernet cable. Once you get that working - try adding the home plugs in.



taurus excreta cerebrum vincit
(Unregistered)Thu 12-Jul-12 14:25:25
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Re: Want to add HomeHub 3 as access point to Linksys router

[re: MHC] [link to this post]

i have managed to do this:), it wasnt hard though as all i done was i made a physical connecting between my [censored] Dlink TalkTalk router, & the HH3. sorted. it seems that the HH3 has sorted out the issues that you're on about by itself.

i have however kept the Dlink wireless working as it is still useful for my situation as i wasnt just extending my wireless. my Dlink sucks & the wireless was a hell of alot worse, but now i have the Dlink wireless with the HH3 & set the Dlink as a lesser priority than the HH3 thus choosing the HH3 all the time its in range.

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Standard User E7er
(knowledge is power) Fri 13-Jul-12 09:23:59
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Re: Want to add HomeHub 3 as access point to Linksys router

[re: yellowshark454] [link to this post]
Configure the network so that all devices connect with Static IP address, the exception mobile phone.

For wireless network configure Linksys E4200 and HH3 with the same security mode and password also same wireless channel.

Difference Between PPPoE and PPPoA

My Broadband Speed Test
Orange WBC 20 Mbps. Sync 11864 kbps Downstream, 1189 kbps Upstream.
Bright Box ADSL2+ wireless N Router supplied by Orange
BT Business Hub 2Wire 2700HGV v2 ADSL2+ Dual SSID wireless Router
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