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Standard User haggismn
(learned) Sun 15-Apr-12 12:26:50
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SNR adjustable ADSL 2+ Modem only

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I have recently gotten a DLink DIR- 825 router with the 680Mhz atheros cpu, on which I have put DD-WRT, and all sorts of VPN and tunnelling software on via the usb port, much in the excitement of getting our o2 connection upgraded to fibre and having at least 10Mb/s to play with.

Of course thanks to the recent news we will have to wait. However I was wondering if, in the meantime, there are any adsl 2+ modems which can have their downstream SNR adjusted, much in the same way as our current Netgear DG834 router with DGTeam firmware can? The DGTeam firmware has a modem only option, however it doesnt seem to work properly. I would like the DLink router to get our public IP sent to it, like what happens when using the cable or VDSL2 modem.

Ideally what I am looking for is something as small as possible with low energy consumption, SNR adjustment, and with 1 LAN port and no wifi. I have seen modems which do all except the SNR. Is there one that does SNR too?

Thanks in advance
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