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(Unregistered)Sun 29-Apr-12 13:43:31
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Vigor 2830N - any experiences?

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Hi All,

I am thinking of ditching my old netgear router any buying the Draytek vigor 2830n for a couple of reasons:

* a better connection on my current adsl line
* probably adding another adsl modem and load balancing
* using 3G as a load balancer or just backup and possibly a 4g dongle in the future
* adding a second WAN source if we ever get FTTC or something better

Does anyone have one/ have experience of one? I'd love to hear some real life views before buying!


Standard User b4dger
(knowledge is power) Sun 29-Apr-12 17:00:31
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Re: Vigor 2830N - any experiences?

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I've no experience of this router, but a Google on TBB shows a few previous posts probably worth a read smile

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