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Standard User paulb100
(regular) Tue 12-Jun-12 02:54:36
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sesdrop / i24k / CoMinMgn commands...anyone?

[link to this post]
ive been trying to find out what these do.. they are commands one can telnet into certain broadcom chipped routers

all ive found out is that i24k is something to do with increasing the amount of memory used for Interleaving from 16k to 24k which is supposed to make it more efficient, but whats sesdrop? its supposed to reduce transmission controls and reduce latency but has performance issues and is advised not too be used unless you hvae good line stats - but theres nothing to suggest HOW it does that

there is nothing on CoMinMgn other than someone suggesting it may be to force SRA to try and keep as close to TSRNM as possible??

can anyone shed any light here?


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