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Standard User mattewan
(regular) Tue 31-Jul-12 14:50:48
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Draytek 2710 ADSL+ Router - Support netblock of 8 ips?

[link to this post]

I have had a major headache trying to use my netblock of 8 ips with various routers.... Linksys AM200, wg834G, etc

assume this is my block: gateway router first ip last ip broadcast

I want the router to get the router ip via dhcp (all my modems have done this fine)

I then want to be able to run the following commands on various linux servers:
ifconfig eth0 netmask
route add default gw

Will the Draytek 2710 ADSL+ Router allow me to do this? The netgear and linksys routers above will just not route to the network cards when configured like above and the machines have no internet access, even when i disable NAT.

I am not interested in any NAT on the network at all, only servers are connected to this ADSL connection.


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