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Standard User snowwolf
(newbie) Mon 05-Nov-12 15:14:00
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Netgear D6300 / R6300

[link to this post]
Has anyone tried this router yet?

I'm particularly interested in whether it can do the following:
IP-to-MAC binding
Port Redirection
Display Line Stats (ADSL2+)

Standard User chrigurndevon
(newbie) Thu 08-Nov-12 07:45:45
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Re: Netgear D6300 / R6300

[re: snowwolf] [link to this post]
I use D6300. It does Port Re-direction and displays limited line stats through the GUI (Connection speed, Line attn., Noise margin, packet data etc.) You may be able to Telnet more data out of it but haven't succeeded at this yet. No MAC address controls that I can find.

It does sync at a slightly higher connection speed than any other router I've used though on my BT ADSL2+ line.

Only had it a couple of days so still working it out.
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