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Standard User joconnell
(experienced) Mon 04-Mar-13 12:59:06
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Billion 7800N DHCP static IP

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Has something changed in the latest firmware?

When I last configured my 7800N I had my BitTorrent client pc configured to have a fixed IP address the same as that configured in the Virtual Server config for BitTorrent traffic, but now I've found that the DHCP static IP address entry for that pc has disappeared from the DHCP status page and the IP address of the pc (using ipconfig on Wondows cmd prompt) is now reported as rather than as it used to be for the static IP. BitTorrent still works though and when investigating why, I noticed that Windows 7 ipconfig reports that the DHCP-assigned ipv4 address is, but the gateway IP is - I haven't done anything to effect that other than update the 7800n firmware.

Was wondering what's going on?

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