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Standard User Stanman_24
(knowledge is power) Mon 17-Jun-13 11:02:52
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FAO Robertos

[link to this post]
Been reading through the thread concerning a "new modem / router" and I do actually agree with what you are saying

currently I am using billion 7800n and am seriously questioning the reasoning why I spent nearly 5x times as much cash to that of my old 834gt

firstly wireless is irrelevant as I am on adsl2+, secondly wireless is pretty poor for LAN file transfer, ie 54g or 300n on a 18mb sync wont make any difference and lan file transfer is pish compared to homeplugs

Gigabit LAN is useful but homeplug 500's hardly utilise it thus leaving cabling as the only option, something that I dont feel comfortable implementing on my own home

So I am sitting here thinking that other than my vpn for my whs is it really worth forking out over £100 for this router lol

KRO BCFC smile


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Standard User chris6273
(committed) Mon 17-Jun-13 12:34:39
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Re: FAO Robertos

[re: Stanman_24] [link to this post]
Sorry I wasn't sure what "FAO" meant. Ignore this reply.

My Broadband Speed Test

Downstream Upstream
Connection Speed: 22494 kbps 1211 kbps
Line Attenuation: 16.0 db 9.7 db
Noise Margin: 2.6 db 6.7 db

Telewest (2004-2006): 256Kbps -> 512Kbps
BT (2006 - Present): 8128/448Kbps on 20CN Alcatel DSLAM -> 22494/1211Kbps on 21CN Huawei MSAN

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