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Standard User Mr_Wonderful
(committed) Sat 24-Aug-13 17:53:47
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2 dead routers

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I was using a Thomson 546 router with Be Broadband for a number of years after getting a configuration profile which after some editing worked with the 546.

I love the 546, it does everything I need and when not using the latest firmware, the DMT tool works with it. I don't want or need wireless, in fact I DON'T want it! I have a 585 which I dislike/hate and I have a 716 but cannot find the PSU.

Anyway, up until the last thunderstorm the 546 worked for me very well. You have probably guessed what happened......a fairly close lightning strike destroyed my router, dead! It won't power up. blush(

Now my 546 has a twin brother, however I cannot get it working with Be* and I'm not sure why. I cannot find a profile that will work on it. I did update the firmware to a newer firmware but not up to the one that I was using on it's twin because I wanted to try a slightly earlier firmware.

Now I don't know whether it's the older firmware that is preventing the profile from working or what.

I tried a Setup wizard from the Be Broadband forum which they say can setup routers for use with Be*. I had some trouble finding a suitable config file in the templates because most would not work. I did find one which went through setup and then failed saying that the password was incorrect. Since then, even though the 4 router lights light up which suggests that the internet is connected, it doesn't work. I cannot log into it, I cannot re-run the setup wizard, nothing works!.......not even the reset button! Holding the reset button in does nothing, no matter for how long. I cannot log in or reset to gain access.

These routers are in very short supply, I'm lucky that I had a spare, but I have not even used it and now it is no better than a paper weight.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get the 546 working again?

Be ADSL2+ Atten: 27dB to 27.5dB up, 52dB to 52.5dB down: SN Margin Profile currently 6dB.
Using SpeedTouch 546, I have a brand new one available for sale.
Standard User 4M2
(knowledge is power) Sat 24-Aug-13 19:23:52
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Re: 2 dead routers

[re: Mr_Wonderful] [link to this post]
Can you telnet into the 546 and do a factory reset?

system reset factory = <{yes|no}>
proceed = <{no|yes}>

Edited by 4M2 (Sat 24-Aug-13 19:49:31)

Standard User Mr_Wonderful
(committed) Sun 25-Aug-13 18:40:52
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[re: 4M2] [link to this post]
At first I could not because there was a network issue which meant I could not connect to the router. I must of made some network changes which caused the problem, although I think the issues were wider than this including the reset button not working.

Since fixing the network issue, disconnecting my internet router because they both share the same gateway and seem to conflict. ATM I cannot have both connected to my PC at the same time because they both have as the gateway and attempting to log in to that IP accessed the internet router (585) which is not much use when I am attempting to setup the 546.

After disconnecting the 585, I was able to login, eventually after I found a working password. The reset that you gave then worked. The reset button now seems to be working.

I did notice while using telnet and looking at the settings that there is an option to disable the reset button and after resetting the router the reset button for some reason still says disabled in the options!

Anyway it is now back working for which I thank you. However I am still no closer to getting it working with Be*. I think that a firmware update to a more recent firmware might be needed as the saved profiles I have are for more recent firmware. v6.1.4.7 I think. Updated and it made no difference because the profile/template I have doesn't allow a connection to Be*. So I'm really stuck.

I am not even certain which version of the 546 mine is, it could be a v5. I did see a product code 35837520 while using telnet.

Be ADSL2+ Atten: 27dB to 27.5dB up, 52dB to 52.5dB down: SN Margin Profile currently 6dB.
Using SpeedTouch 546, I have a brand new one available for sale - No I don't because lightning killed the one I was using

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Standard User 4M2
(knowledge is power) Sun 25-Aug-13 20:01:06
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Re: Mr_Wonderful

[re: Mr_Wonderful] [link to this post] - might help smile
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