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Standard User lemmyc
(newbie) Fri 08-Nov-13 17:43:13
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Billion 7300N for Zen Fibre?

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I have a Billion Bipac 7300N router.
I'm switching from a broadband package to a fibre package (Zen is the ISP). I can see that the router can use one of its ethernet ports as an E WAN port, so I presume it is suitable for Fibre.
What I'm not clear on is whether the upload and download speeds will be limited in any way when I'm using this router with Fibre, and whether I should upgrade.
Can anyone advise?
Standard User joconnell
(experienced) Sun 10-Nov-13 01:41:02
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Re: Billion 7300N for Zen Fibre?

[re: lemmyc] [link to this post]
Your 7300 will be fine for fibre, just connect the output from the BT Openreach fibre modem to the port configured as EWAN
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