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Standard User ianfuture
(learned) Fri 03-Jan-14 14:42:00
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Router/modem all in 1's that can be made a dumb passthrough?

[link to this post]
Am on O2 and due to be switched to Sky very soon.

The O2 router/modem I had I managed to follow a guide to get into the command line on it and switch off all the unneccessary services and make it pass through direct to my lovely ASUS RT-N16 which handled all the wifi etc.

I think I'll be able to continue using this on Sky but if i did jump ship i was interested to know if any other providers modem/router all in one boxes could be similarily downgraded so they just became dumb passthrough to my router? Any resources or links anyone has on this where i can read more much appreciated smile
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