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Standard User RichTea23
(newbie) Mon 20-Jan-14 14:08:49
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ATC420 Firmware

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Hi All,

I wonder if some one can help me find a newer compatible Firmware for my ADSL Modem...

Its a Maplin Whitebox device Its
model: ATC420
Firmware Version :
ADSL Firmware Version : FwVer: HwVer:T14.F7_3.0

I can telnet to it which shows:

Copyright (c) 2001 - 2006 TrendChip Technologies Corp.
tc> show all

RAS version:
System ID: [May 17 2008 16:35:54]
romRasSize: 1172184
system up time: 63:46:47 (15e5a61 ticks)
bootbase version: VTC1.12 | 2006/8/16

Any advice where i might find a newer Fermware? your help would be most thankfully received.

I did buy a "fancier" ADSL modem a TP-Link ADSL (i forget the model right now) but it turns out it had a firmware that was almost identical.
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