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Standard User Flub
(member) Fri 20-Jun-14 13:59:43
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Unlocked openreach modem on ADSL2+ connection

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I'm waiting for my date to get Infinity installed. In the meantime I have an unlocked openreach modem (The 612) sat here with nothing to do so I thought I'd plug it in and see if it supports ADSL2+. Turns out it does and with a better sync speed than I have with my router.

Does anyone know how to get it to work over a wan connection with either a homehub 5 or an Asus DSL-N66u? I'm pretty sure I had the config correct on the N66 (And the homehub should do the thing itself) so I suspect the config on the modem is where I'm going wrong but I've got no idea how to set it up.

Here's a screenshot of the current settings on the modem which looks like it's setup for VDSL+

Can anyone help? It'll be handy to know how to do this stuff anyway when I need to swap it back to use VDSL when I get my Infinity activated
Standard User Flub
(member) Fri 20-Jun-14 14:08:02
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Re: Unlocked openreach modem on ADSL2+ connection

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Sorted now. Found another thread with the same problem.
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