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Standard User rhetherington
(committed) Sun 20-Mar-16 18:53:44
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Re: Suggestions for ethernet router on gigabit broadband

[re: nfh] [link to this post]
Most consumer routers haven't improved much at all in the last two years (most are still using the same weak MIPS SOCS), although a few of the high-end models are now using more powerful ARM processors that can do the full 1Gbps forwarding on the CPU.

The first batch of Turris Omnias should be shipping soon and it'll do everything you listed in your initial post. Compared to all other ARM/MIPS consumer routers it's a beast of a machine.

As i previously suggested, the Ubiquiti EdgeRouter will also do everything you want except Wifi. It does use hardware off-loads for accelerating NAT in order to achieve the full 1Gbps but it'll work fine for a basic connection. Since your original post Ubiquiti has updated their Wifi access points and have more reasonably priced 802.11ac units. You could buy a 5-port EdgeRouter POE and a single 802.11ac access point for around £250.

But to truly do your 1Gbps connection justice i'd be looking at an x86_64 machine running pfSense or similar for the router, a proper network switch, and a dedicated wifi access point.

I don't have anywhere near that speed a connection and i'm still planning to go that way in the near future. Got my eye on PCEngines new APU2B4 board. A complete solution based around this would set you back around £350 (~£230 for the router board, case, PSU and msata drive. £22 for an 8-port VLAN-capable switch. £95 for the Ubiquiti access port).
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