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Standard User ady702
(newbie) Sun 26-Oct-14 11:54:38
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New Router with more than 16 Mac Filters?!

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Hi guys,
I have a Billion 7800N router but want to upgrade it as I need to add more than 16 MAC filters but is limited to on the 7800N.

I might be upgrading to Fibre soon (vivaciti to plusnet) so would like one which would be decent to work with Plusnet fibre.

Any help would be great.
Standard User nickt
(newbie) Tue 11-Nov-14 14:03:10
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Re: New Router with more than 16 Mac Filters?!

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Although it may seem a downgrade in terms of cost, the Asus DSL-N16U supports up to 31 Mac addresses in its filter. It also caters for both DSL and fibre connections. New product at a shade under £60 - very happy with mine.

Edited by nickt (Tue 11-Nov-14 14:03:52)

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