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Standard User andicole0
(newbie) Sat 18-Apr-15 10:51:12
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Asus DSL-N66U

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Odd behavior here, just installed an N66U to my BT Infinity 2 line and although I'm getting a decent up and download speed there is some hesitation on browsing the web.
For example from another forum home page and selecting a new section there is about a 5 second delay before the new section is displayed. The page is displayed all at once and not in bits as per a slow internet connection. I'm sure this is not a website issue as similar delays occur on the BBC site and when doing a send/receive with Outlook.
I've tried manually setting DNS and the latest beta firmware as well as the current 1078.
The problem is such that even my wife noticed!
Putting the original Home Hub 5 in place and the problems disappear. I must admit I'm thinking of returning the unit and trying another manufacturer.
I've had no response yet from Asus Tech Support.
Is BT doing something that stops non Home Hubs working well on their Infinity 2? I have the latest BT wall socket so am using the built in modem.
Standard User Banger
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Sun 19-Apr-15 00:20:05
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Re: Asus DSL-N66U

[re: andicole0] [link to this post]
Asus dont work weekends so probably hear next week. Could be firmware bug, found a couple in my DSL-N55U although not this one.

Tim & freenetname
Billion 7800 on 24 Meg LLU
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