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Standard User dizzibits
(learned) Tue 02-Jun-15 14:00:44
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Advise regarding Asus DSL-N66U

[link to this post]
Hello, I posted this in fibre but I think it may be better here. I am looking for help with setting up my router to match the line I have:

Based on the advice given I have played with the settings on the N66u a lot. I can says these things:

ANNEX B does not appear to work, the DSL light doesn't flash at all. Even after waiting for quite some minutes.

The DSLAM does not support G.INP (G.988.4), the DSL light just keeps flashing, but does not sync.

I could not flash Merlin onto my router. I tried resetting NVRAM, using the recovery tools. The new firmware must have disabled customised bios. I have the latest version from Asus.

Since I first synced with the cab, my line stats have changed dramatically. I went from Pathmode: Fastpath with reasonably high CRC errors occuring. 46,000 down rate with a 50,000 maximum, and 20,000 up rate with a /22,000 maximum.

I am now on interleaved path mode, with the following settings and stats:



Please could someone who knows more about this stuff advise me. Will my download improve? I believe I have an impacted line, Openreach have tried their darnedest to help. One engineer spent 6 hours working on the line on a Sunday and really cleaned it up.

Many thanks for any help


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