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Standard User Psyman
(newbie) Sat 22-Aug-15 14:34:00
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TP-LINK Archer C20i AC750 & TBB BQM

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Hi all

Quick question.....

I'm looking to buy a cheap and cheerful AC wifi router to serve two purposes.

Ultimately, I want to use it as an AP in a small wifi dead zone in my house to replace an old / flaky 802.11N AP I currently have attached via powerline adapters.

However having recently switched to Plusnet's 80:20 FTTC service, I also want to try out TBB's broadband quality monitor.

I use a HomeHub5 as my main router at the moment which I'm quite happy with, but it doesn't respond to pings, so I can't use BQM.

I thought I might be able to use the C20i temporarily as my main router, just to see what the BQM looks like, but I'm not sure whether it will work with BQM?

In the setup advice from TBB for other routers it generally says to change settings to "allow incoming pings" or similar.

In the user manual for the C20i, it says under "Advanced Security" there's an option to:

"Forbid Ping Packet From LAN Port - Enable or Disable Forbid Ping Packet From LAN Port. The default setting is disabled. If enabled, the ping packet from LAN cannot access the router. This function can be used to defend against some viruses."

I assume if this is disabled, it will respond to pings and BQM will work?

Though to use it as main router it would be attached to the open reach modem via the "Internet" socket on the router I assume, rather than one of the four LAN sockets, so I'm not sure if the above setting relates to pings from within the LAN or via the WAN / modem....?

Does anyone have a C20i and know if it will work with BQM or not?

NB: I do have a static IP before anyone flags it..... I did make one step in the right direction!!

Thanks as always
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