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Standard User dale303
(newbie) Fri 09-Oct-15 17:42:32
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Virgin Superhub 2ac + which router for SNMP/DDNS/QoS?

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I've just upgraded to Virgin's 150Mb service and discovered that all the useful things like QoS/SNMP/DDNS that are on my old Billion 7800N router are missing from the Superhub. Luckily it has a 'modem mode' so I've connected up the Billion to it and all is working fine except that the Billion can't keep up as I'm 'Only' getting 70MB down through it compared to 164MB when I'm using the Superhub directly.

So now I'm after a router that will do all the things my old 7800N will do but can cope with the new speed.

Here's some advanced features I'll need...

Decent Firewall

VPN might also be useful.

I'm circling around the Asus RT AC66U but I can't seem to find any information as to what things I can monitor using SNMP. Is there a list anywhere? It would be really handy if I could monitor each LAN port and wifi bands bandwidth separately so is this possible?

So, will the Asus RT AC66U be suitable for my requirements and if not, what would you suggest? I'm willing to split routing/switch/wifi capabilities to different units if the SNMP featureset isn't as good as I would like.
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