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Standard User alandean
(regular) Mon 23-May-16 11:20:38
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Simple modem for business fibre

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I support mainly home users and a few small business's. One of my customers who I have looked after for many years recently wanted to install a server linked to Office 365 and Exchange etc. At the same time they were expanding and opening an office overseas and wanted everything to be available to all users. Planning and nstalling this kind of network is definitely beyond my capabilities and they got another company in to do this work and to do their ongoing support. However, they have now asked me to resume my duties.

At the same time they have ordered Plusnet Broadband Fibre. They were with another provider for ADSL and the speed was not brilliant. I myself use Plusnet on one of my two connections but this is pure coincidence.

When the server was installed by the server installation company a new Cisco firewall was used (Cisco ASA 5506-X) which linked to a Billion BiPAC 7800DXL for broadband connectivity. The Cisco acts as the gateway for the network, having IP address, and a Management Interface IP of Its outside interface uses The BiPAC has the Lan address of

The customers went live with fibre last week and I was asked to connect the network to it. They have been supplied with a Plusnet HubOne, which defaults to using the address I have read elsewhere that it is not reliable to change the IP address/range/network on this router. Ideally what I want to do is to continue to use a router purely as a modem with the ability to assign it the IP address

So to the question .... what is the best/most reliable fibre modem which is relatively easy to setup and which I can configure so that it is just a case of moving the network cable that connects the Cisco to the Billion, to allow everything to be able to continue to function? It does not need wireless functionality.

Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Mon 23-May-16 11:36:44
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Re: Simple modem for business fibre

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TP-Link W9970 will do the basic VDSL2 and NAT you want and support reconfiguration of its LAN side IP address. Simple switch to turn off the wireless functionality and at that price can keep a spare in the cupboard in case it dies e.g. lightning or coffee cup incident.

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