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Standard User HillWalker
(newbie) Thu 23-Jun-16 12:26:14
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BT Smart Hub - Problem connecting to Hub Manager

[link to this post]
Any one having problems connecting to the Hub Manager via Ethernet Cable and PCs/Laptop running Windows 10 OS.

Originally I could only make the connection via a Android Phone!!

On inspecting my active networks both for my PC(Ethernet only) and laptop(Ethernet and wireless) all were designated Public and not Private that I was expecting.

Managed to get the laptop connected via wireless by changing from public to private (registry hack) but this change doesn't appear to work for Ethernet.
Standard User sills
(member) Sat 02-Jul-16 21:32:53
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Re: BT Smart Hub - Problem connecting to Hub Manager

[re: HillWalker] [link to this post]
It seems to be a general problem with Windows 10. I upgraded my work laptop and then had problems connecting to routers (different brands) on a number of customers sites. Downgraded it back to Windows 8.1 and it was fine again.
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