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Standard User johnb2008
(regular) Sun 24-Jul-16 22:43:03
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Netgear D7000 Crashing Repeatedly

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I bought & installed a Netgear D7000 on my BT Infinity 2 service last week. I updated it to latest f/w & reset it by holding reset button for 10 sec.

I used the Netgear 'Genie' to set it up. It kept responding that the username/password was not correct, but it had connected OK anyway! All of the settings appeared OK although the mtu was maybe a bit low at 1488. I used 1492 on my previous Asus DSL N66U. The speeds were just a little better than the Asus (d/l sync 60Mbit/s, u/l 20Mbit/s. TBB speed tests were slightly better too (up to 55 Mb/s d/l & 18Mb/s u/l)

It crashed repeatedly over the first few hours. In that state the two radios (2.4 & 5) appeared to be broadcasting OK but I could not log in either wirelessly or via ethernet cable. It would not respond to holding the hard reset button either. The only way to reset it is by powering it off then allowing it to reboot.

I spoke to Netgear support, who said try holding the reset button for 60 seconds. After this it was OK for 50 hrs, then crashed again. It crashed again the next morning too. I tried holding reset button for 60 sec, then pulling power lead, still holding reset button for 60 sec, then powered up still holding reset button for 60 sec, then allowing it to reboot. (This procedure was suggested on one website).

Since then it crashed overnight last night, then again at lunchtime today.

Has anybody else had a similar problem with this model or is mine faulty, needing to be replaced?

Standard User johnb2008
(regular) Tue 02-Aug-16 21:37:27
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Re: Netgear D7000 Crashing Repeatedly

[re: johnb2008] [link to this post]
Update on last post:

I returned it to Maplins, where I had purchased it from, and swapped it for a replacement under warranty. The new one is fine. It has been up for over 4 days now without any problem, so I think it's just a case of a single faulty unit.
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