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Standard User fourtytwo
(learned) Tue 18-Oct-16 16:22:40
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TD-W8960N PPP reconnect quirk tip

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Just a quick note about my W8960N I discovered another quirk today.

If your PPP is broken or you want to reconnect it do not try to use re-test in the diagnostics page as it doesn't do anything (its as if all it does is re-report the existing results).

The only way's to force a PPP re-negotiation attempt I know are power-cycle, re-boot or line disconnect/reconnect.

Also It seems as if the initial login attempt fails after DSL is up it doesn't re-try.

Finally if you are suffering severe uplink errors don't be tempted to restart your modem (as I did) as whilst IP will still transport data slowly due to re-transmissions your PPP login attempt may fail........and of course then you have no link at all!!

One of the better modems I have had, at least it has diagnostic facilities and is supported by DSLSTATS etc, these seem to be fast dissapearing from more "up-to-date" modems sporting ludicrous wi-fi speed claims etc.

W8960n on Lonnggggg line
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