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Standard User warweezil
(fountain of knowledge) Sun 23-Oct-16 16:28:24
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FritzBox 7390 OS 06.52

[link to this post]
Has anyone here been experiencing issues with "stale connections" since upgrading to 06.52?

Since installing this "upgrade" my router has been having random issues with not passing any data despite showing "connected", and it needs a restart of the router to clear the issue.

Unfortunately the router wont revert to an older software version for some reason. My ISP tells me the line is not showing any problems onm test, although I have noted a drop in speed from around 70Mbps to 51, the BTw site reports my current profile as being 69.9.

Speedwise I seem to be going backwards, and having to keep restarting the router every other day (sometimes more often) isnt helping.

Any ISP that thinks that selling my click traffic is acceptable is MisinPHORMed
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BQM - looking better than it has been....
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