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Standard User Rain2869
(newbie) Thu 24-Aug-17 03:57:04
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Speed and Quality Issues!

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Hi everyone.

I seem to be having a few issues related to wireless only, it's with a new router/modem and using my iPad.

I run the speedtest and sometimes the tbbx1 result shows around 30Mbps per second and a quality of 1 and I can run the same test a minute later from the exact same position, around 8 feet from the router and I then get around 5Mbps and quality can drop to as low as 4.8.

I do not understand why the signal quality seems to fluctuate like this, I tested using an X Box One S connected. Is Ethernet and the speed is consistent and around 30Mbps with a latency of around 52ms, my free Talk Talk router was usually around 92ms latency but always had consistent upload speed for both tests and was around 35Mbps with 8Mbps upload.

My router is an Asus AC68 and I am connecting using 5ghz frequency, I have the router set to auto so it chooses the best channel but I will test it using manual settings tomorrow.

I don't understand the slight loss of average speed and the tbbx1 speed and quality being good one minute then bad the next, the second test is usually around 30Mbps but sometimes drops to 24Mbps.

I am using a good ADSL faceplate, I doubt that is the problem since the talk talk router gave consistent 35Mbps on both speed tests and the 8Mbps upload, so maybe it's a settings issue in this router, anyone have experience with Asus routers and can recommend a cure for this issue, some pics below, first one is from the new Asus router, second is the Talk Talk router and I am on an up to 38Mbps package.

Router Stats 1

Router Stats 2
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Thu 24-Aug-17 08:23:24
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Re: Speed and Quality Issues!

[re: Rain2869] [link to this post]
The joy of wi-fi

If devices connecting over Ethernet get good speeds, and the Wi-Fi ones see variations then it means broadband router stats are irrelevant and likely a local wi-fi issue

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Standard User gmangt4
(learned) Thu 24-Aug-17 09:26:56
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Re: Speed and Quality Issues!

[re: Rain2869] [link to this post]
Hi, I have an AC68U and on the Asus forum its advised to turn off Airtime Fairness too as well as setup the wireless manually.
Disabling Airtime Fairness made all the difference for me.

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Standard User Michael_Chare
(fountain of knowledge) Thu 24-Aug-17 11:27:29
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Re: Speed and Quality Issues!

[re: Rain2869] [link to this post]
Acrylic Wifi is a free Windows app which will show you all the local Wifi networks which you may be competing with. There are comparable Android apps.

Michael Chare
Standard User eckiedoo
(fountain of knowledge) Thu 24-Aug-17 12:47:57
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Re: Speed and Quality Issues!

[re: Rain2869] [link to this post]
The 5 GHz WiFi is more critical of PRECISE location, orientation etc, due to its shorter Wavelength; also such aspects as if you first test with your portable device unobstructed by your body, compared with turning "about face", so that your body obstructs the signal path.

Whilst ACRYLIC and inSSIDer will show what WiFi circuits are operational around your location - such as the neighbour's etc, NetSpot will allow you to carry out a survey in and around your house - with the above aspects still to be taken into account.

I have done such surveys on three houses - results can be interesting.

Also I found that my 5 GHz WiFi was generally 10 dB down/worse than my 2.4 GHz, thus because of that difference, the 5 GHz is frequently actually slower in terms of Data Rate etc, than the 2.4 GHz.

If you do try NetSpot and its survey facilities, do each floor separately, subject to your house having two or more storeys.

On the other hand, include the garden etc with the most appropriate storey, normally the ground floor.

At each survey point. you have to decide on precisely what aspect you are concerned with.

For example, if you normally use your portable device sitting in a particular chair and it on your knees, then that is how that survey spot should be recorded - even if standing up with the device gives a stronger signal - as in "Porridge" when Fletcher had the TV set on his head!

It is as critical as that.

Also the 5 GHz WiFi is more subject to variation due to such aspects as someone else or pets in another room happens to walk in to the path, without your being aware of it.


You may have noted fluctuation in TV signals particularly when vehicles go past, particularly large ones. Similar situation with WiFi - both bands.

Also slight position/orientation change of a Mobile/Cell can have quite an effect.


The 5 GHz Wavelength is about 60 mm (6cms or just about 2.5 inches), so differences in location in 3 dimensions, of that order, does affect it.

Correspondingly, 2.4 GHz is about 125 mm, so less critical.

It is the Natural Physics of Radio Waves.


I find thinking of the Modem WiFi source as being a single small LED, trying to light all of my house, with the walls, bodies etc having different degrees of transparency, is a good way of visualising the likely variations.

Similarly for your iPad "talking back".


Ethernet on a cable connection is a "solid connection" in comparison.

You may find that for reliable iPad WiFi connections, you have to use some form of repeater - and its location is similarly critical.

Edited by eckiedoo (Thu 24-Aug-17 14:33:34)

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