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Standard User fourtytwo
(learned) Tue 24-Oct-17 14:51:46
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TP-Link W8960N version information and DSLSTATS

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Hi All Please excuse me if I posted in the wrong place.

I use DSLSTATS extensively to manage my line as it is long and problematic. Unfortunately it seems many "modern" routers have no "command line interface" so packages such as DSLSTATS cannot be used, in fact the trend seems to be to a single led indicating if the DSL connection is up or down, a travesty IMOP.

For some time I have been using a Tp-link W8960N V3.0 (boxy style) and even it's most recent firmware release (111108) still supports the use of DSLSTATS, also this modem contains a Broadcom chipset that some say is better than others for long lines, it certainly supports snr spoofing. Recently to insure I am not left without internet I bought another boxy style W8960N this transpired to be labelled V1.6. It seems however the firmware releases will work on anything from V1.0 to V3.x and changing the firmware also changes the reported hardware revision!!

The later modems also known as W8960N but a rounded flying saucer shape are V4 upwards BUT are totally different animals with different chipsets and no "command line interface" hence no support by packages such as DSLSTATS.

The last software release for the boxy style is dated late 2011 and the first flying saucer mid 2012 so I guess the boxy ones have been out of production around 5 years. They do occasionally appear on auction sites for around £15 so if you have a long line a good deal but be prepared to do some running repairs, my latest had some bulging capacitors. I also fit heatsinks particularly to the broadcom chip as it seems to run very hot.

I hope this blog of information may help others trying to improve there speed on a long line and looking for a suitable router and diagnostic package. I have also heard some Billion routers are excellent but have no personal experience.

W8960n on Lonnggggg line
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