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Standard User athegn
(committed) Fri 19-Jan-18 22:22:34
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Should wap output be constant

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I have a tp-link dual band wap. Wifi Analyzer tells me there are 6 5G signals; Tp-link, the VM Hub 3 the wap is connected to and one weaker VM signal from a neighbour and three very weak Sky 5G (although these 3 are on the same chanel as the tp-link).

I ask because my S5 phone some days has a lot of wifi drop outs on thr tp-link 5g wifi.

I can see tnat the internet I get will vary according to the strength of the signal received by tnr Hub 3 but should not the wap output be constant so that its wifi is always the same. So that if devices are using the home wifi only, to communicate, the VM supplied signal is irrelevant?

What is stopping the tp-link giving a steady wifi signal?

Any advice please?
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