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Standard User gromit69
(committed) Fri 16-Mar-18 19:18:07
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Time for a new router?

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I've been using a TP-link VR900 (v1) on my plusnet VDSL line for nearly 2 years. However, the past few months it just seems to have given up. I'm not sure if it's something on my network which is causing it issues, but ever so often it slows down to a crawl and then stops responding.

I've been using the Plusnet Hub One which is much more stable. However, it doesn't do everything I want it to...

Today I plugged the TP-link back in at around 11am. It was fine up until 4pm when the kids got home, and then it slowly gave up. Here's a graph of the ping.
The Hub One doesn't respond to pings, hence the red before 11am and after 5:30pm
My Broadband Ping

Whilst I'd be fascinated to find out what is causing it, I'm not sure I'll ever find out. So could someone recommend a VDSL router? It needs to have decent a/c WiFi and parental controls (blocking MAC addresses on a schedule). I'm on a decent line, so I get full 80/20Mb/s.
I'd read that the Netgear routers were pretty decent....

Thanks in advance!
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