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Standard User adgwytc
(newbie) Fri 13-Jul-18 17:01:17
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Draytek 2760 RADIUS Issue

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I have a Draytek 2760 that I am trying to get an IPv6 address from a RADIUS server. The authentication works and it receives the correct RADIUS assigned IPv4 address but it is not receiving the correct IPv6 address and therefore is not supplying the correct prefix delegation internally.

I have the IPv6 settings as "ppp" which is correct according to their documentation.

To be even clearer here, I have tested this on a technicolour CPE and it works fine, but the technicolour is using IANA as it's IPv6 requestor. I do not know if the Draytek is using IANA or NDRA for it's IPv6 addressing?

Has someone seen this issue before and if so, how did they resolve it?

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