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Standard User bignose2
(newbie) Wed 31-Oct-18 06:56:54
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Slow Upload 10mbps compared to Download 80mbps

[link to this post]

TalkTalk business. FTTC. TP link Archer vr600.

I have really good reliable connection & download speeds & have done for the few years
since FTTC installed.

To be honest at about 600m from cabinet this is well beyond any expectation but I think I have relatively new, good copper. But bit greedy I know but do a lot up uploads backups etc. and simply think that upload does not match download.

Max 79999 on dl (max attainable 90+)

Upload is good at 10mbps this does not seem to match, I would have thought in well in excess of 15mb+. I know different frequencies have different interference. Done quiet line, turned power off in everything in house & just modem plugged in.

Apart from the first few weeks when I assume DLM was settling down I did get 20mb, on the same snr and attenuation & minimal errors & no drop outs so bit confused why it did drop then but happy as still impressive. As time gone on wondered if it should do better.

I have had TT modem's and I get similar readings.

TT say its fine and within the bounds, which it is.

I can't see it being capped on a lesser tarrif as I would not get the the downloads & SNR and attn implies this is max but exact same stats, showed max at 20mbps (I still have the printouts)

Current Rate (kbps) 10721 79999
Max Rate (kbps) 10721 90338
SNR Margin (dB) 6 9.9
Line Attenuation (dB) 31.7 15.3

Errors (pkts) 2453 11204 - this is over 1+ months

What upload speeds do people normally get with these sort of download speeds & under 32 attenuation.

My download has improved over 6 months, use to be high 60's but now always max 79,999 & real speed test 75mbps, upload gone down tiny bit to always under 11mbps, use to get just over 11 consistantly on this. I thing g.inp has kicked in or something on DL.

I did wonder if there is new tech on the cabinet, could a better modem possibly increase this, do they have g.inp on upload. I know this is mainly to prevent DLM slowing speeds but it seems to have increase speeds on same stats.

Only a few houses down my road (very rural) same stats at any time of day or night

Many thanks I/A
Standard User MHC
(sensei) Wed 31-Oct-18 09:27:27
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Re: Slow Upload 10mbps compared to Download 80mbps

[re: bignose2] [link to this post]
I was getting 82 down 24 up (max achievable) However, a couple of noisy neighbours have forced that down to 74 down 22 up.

What are your basic line stats? I would have expected 20Mbps up to be achieved if you are seeing a potential 90 down

Attenuation on your line may not be an issue, but noise in specific bands may be. If you can, run DSL stats and have a look at the graphs for any anomalies or add links to allow comments to be made.



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