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Standard User IamFibremad
(newbie) Sun 21-Apr-19 20:07:24
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VDSL Router with VPN Support?

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So my router. which is a TP-Link TD W9980 is seeming and showing signs of being outdated. I loved it's features when I first started using it at the start of 2016 I think... However now, its struggiling slightly keeping up on demands and there hasn't been a firmware update since that time. Im getting slightly concerned about the worlds privacy issues and I am starting to want a VPN

So my real question is, I want to run a VPN on my router, not individual devices however I want it obviously VDSL compatiable.

I know some routers also allow the flash of DD-WRT which is great when one supports it.

Any recommendations?
I know this is a cloudy question so I dont expect exact Answers.

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